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Q- How long does it take until my gallery will be visible online?

A- Your order will be processed as soon as we have your photos and have received the payment.We will notify you when your gallery is online.

Q- I don't live in New Zealand can I still order a slide show?

Yes, you can order a gallery or slide show from overseas. Perhaps consider compressing and emailing the photos.

Q- Are my personal photos easily visible to everyone on the internet?

A- No. As soon as your gallery is online, we will send you a link, which is like the key to a door. You can then forward this link to your choice of contacts. Only those people will easily find your gallery. If you have security concerns, we can even attach a password to your gallery

Q- I want to send photos by email, what is the approx. size of the images for the gallery?

A- The best size to use is 640pixels x 480pixels and a resolution of 72. For emailing, the images should be not bigger than 100kB- 150kB each.

Q- Can I send my photos by email?

A- Yes you can send them by email. However some cameras produce very large image files that are unpractical to send be email, when they are not compressed in the right way. See above

Q- How can I extend my uptime, when my order has expired?

A- You can extend your uptime as long as your gallery is visible online, however once it has run out it is deleted.

Q- Can I add more photos to my gallery when it is already online?

A- Generally not, as the order has already been processed.

Q- Can I pay by credit card?

A- Sorry, we don't have facilities for processing credit cards. You can pay by cheque or direct credit by phone or internet banking. Overseas orders have to convert the currency to New Zealand Dollars.

Q- I have many images on my memory card, but I don't want all of them in the slide show, how can I tell you which ones I want to use.

A- If you want to send us your memory card, write down the numbers of the images that you want to use. Usually the images numbers are displayed in playback mode.

Q- How can I have captions with my images?

A- Usually the file name is the easiest reference for your images. You can add more information, when you edit the file info of your image in a photo program. When the file has already captions embedded, they can be shown, please let us know with your order.

Q- I am an artist and want to make my art to be visible to everyone, how do I do this?

A- If you are planning an ongoing exhibition, talk to us. Otherwise you can have a featured gallery with your art work in our galleries section. There will be a short desciption and a link on our website to your gallery. We can also create a customized web exhibition for you.