Music of the Windharp

recorded in New Zealand

The music on this CD is unusual; it is entirely produced by the action of the wind, without any electronic manipulation.

People have always been mystified by the sounds of the wind, the howling winds of a gale, the soft whisper of leaves in a tree, the spooky wind noises inside a house; all these sounds are children of the wind. The windharp is an instrument where the turbulences of the air vibrate strings. The sound is rich in harmonics and every breeze continues to weave a sound carpet that sounds very unusual to our ears. Windharps have been known for thousands of years, some are huge structures that produce faint acoustical sounds. Our windharp is small with an open frame and is electronically amplified.

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Music of the Windharp

Limited Edition
5 Titels 58 Min.

recorded in studio quality


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