Music of the Windharp

About the project


The Windharp project 2000 originated from the idea to do something unusual, leaving behind traditional concepts of music and elicit unusual harmonies directly from nature. Micha Wellnitz (left), who initiated this experiment, is an artist and inventor with a particular interest in the exploration of rhythm and sound. Kevin Clark (right) is a dedicated musician and sound engeneer with a recording studio in Auckland/ New Zealand. The recordings for this CD were recorded live at "Windy Corner" on New Zealand's beautiful Coromandel Peninsula.


The Tracks

1. Symphony 10:03

2. Mystery 10:02

3. Space 7:46

4. Wisdom 9:58

5.Freedom 20:24

The atmosphere of our planet is very fascinating. Besides the weather, which is the most obvious and superficial of all phenomena, we find many subtle and concealed processes that impact on our life; many of them offer an interesting field for research and exploration. An example is the electrical charge of the air, which can influence our moods and well being, through the stimulation of a substance called serotonin.
Atmospheric tides, similar to the sea tides, take place in accordance with the moon's gravitational forces that often induce strong currents around the Perigee and New Moon phases.
Giant air vortices bring about changes in wind energy and direction near ground level, while high velocity stratospheric winds distribute air masses and also pollution around the whole planet.

The atmosphere connects our small planet to the vast stellar space. A vital energy exchange takes place in this area, similar to that of the lungs in our body. May the sounds of the windharp bring our awareness a bit closer to the mysteries of this realm.

Listen and enjoy


Music of the Windharp

Limited Edition
5 Tracks 58 Min.

recorded in studio quality


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